Massimiliano Carollo

Massimiliano Carollo, who was born in Sicily in 1973, studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo. After gaining his degree, he went on to specialize in graphic art and design and began exhibiting his artwork in Palermo, Rome and Milan. However, in 2003, Carollo took a new direction, abandoning art in favor of the theater. Together with Dario Enea, he founded the theater company Teatro TerzoUomo, becoming a writer, director, actor and set designer for the group and collaborating with the Sicilian playwright and actor Franco Scaldati.

Carollo recently returned to painting, creating a series of large works with a strong figurative element as well as floral still lifes. While his subjects are recognizable, Carollo’s spontaneous and gestural technique results in expressive canvases that stand out for their singular synthesis of realism and abstraction.