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© RvB Arts is a brand by Michele von Büren

Showroom in Via Giulia 180 - 00186 Roma

info | +39 335.1633518

email | info@rvbarts.com


RvB Arts


A SCOUTING approach to contemporary art

Rome-based gallery RvB Arts specializes in contemporary art by young, emerging Italians. We welcome novice buyers with a limited budget, as well as more seasoned collectors with a keen eye for promising newcomers.

RvB Arts has a demonstrated record for selecting artists with good investment potential. 


Gallery owner Michele von Büren finds her thrill in the hunt and the discovery of new artists on the rise with something fresh and original to offer. Her ability to catch-and-release talent is critical to the success of her gallery and her collection of painters, sculptors and photographers are promoted through regular, monthly exhibitions.


A prime goal of RvB Arts is to make contemporary artwork accessible and enjoyable hence the two locations of the gallery – Via delle Zoccolette and the nearby Via Giulia – have a relaxed, informal approach and atmosphere. 


We share space with a charming antiques shop, the Antiquariato Valligiano, which provides a warm showcase for the artworks. We hope this will make our guests feel more at home than in traditional galleries, which can be cool and intimidating. 


Michele von Büren is the creative force behind RvB Arts. British-born, Michele graduated from Oxford University before following her heart to Italy, where she worked as a news-service journalist before finding her niche in the art world.

Michele von Büren with RvB Artists