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Evita Andújar

Evita Andújar was born in Spain in 1974. Her rich artistic training and studies began at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Seville and continued with a PhD in Painting and Restoration and numerous specialization courses. Andújar has clinched many prestigious awards and exhibited internationally including in London and Dubai. Her works are to be found in the permanent collections of several museums including Cosenza’s Diocesan Museum, Latina’s museum of contemporary art MADXI and the SAC Museum in Ortigia.

Andújar’s bold style is eye-catching and absorbing; the acrylic on canvases radiate energy, light and colour. Her brash, tangible brush strokes convey the movement, depth and life of the figures within the scenes. On first impression, the works are almost abstract in appearance with large strokes, almost plains, of colour. Yet the eye is soon drawn in to engage with the subject and delve beyond the momentary into the soul of the scene.