Born in Milan in 1968, Vera Rossi has been photographing nature, still lifes and works of art since 1996. In 2013, her photographs featured in an installation event at The Armory Show, New York’s premier international art fair, and since 2017, she has exhibited annually at the MIA Photo Fair in Milan.

Rossi’s work plays with the concept of transparency. Windows and vases are the subject matter of many of her photographs as she examines the way natural elements, such as flowers, trees, grass and sky, are seen through the delicate ‘lens’ of the transparent glass. By presenting the viewer with a ‘filtered’ view of the outside world, Rossi also explores the nature of time and perception. Her research extends to her use of medium, her preferred printing support being plexiglass.

Rossi’s photographs are present in several private collections including: Morris Adjmi, Germano Celant, Steve Hannah, Peppe Servillo, Paolo Taviani and Milena Vukotic.

The artist rises early each morning, descends the stairs to the ground floor of the big house and takes her photos of objects posed next to the window overlooking the garden. Sometimes she finds the objects already in position, other times she arranges them herself. Sometimes the photos are taken at dusk, but rarely.

We find ourselves on the threshold: we are always on the inside. Beyond are shapes that we are not always able to decipher. The panes are the panes that were in use a hundred years ago. Parts of them are dense and blurred, other parts are clearer. It is a game of grades of transparency, of real presences balanced by implied absences.                                                                    Angela Madesani


There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in  Leonard Cohen

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